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March 05, 2008

Guide To The Best April Fools Day Prank Phone Call Ideas

Guide To The Best April Fools Day Prank Phone Calls

SpoofCard.com helps you get your prank phone call game on for April Fools Day

Here is just a few ways that you can spoof card to pull off a master prank
The Best 20 SpoofCard Prank Phone Call Ideas

Want to win an unlimited one year supply of SpoofCard prank calls. Plus the tittle of Master April Fools Day Prank Caller of 2008.

Well here is just 20 ways that you can test your prank phone call skills.

1. Survey: make it wacky strange and prank them with personal info that a survey company shouldn’t know on them.

2. Million dollar game show: Act like they are the call a friend and a million dollars is on the line.

3. I got married, I’m pregnant….what ever it is. Just scare the hell out of your family.

4. Reality tv show producer to call your friend about being on a weird show

5. Drug survey: detox awerness survey
Have you ever did drugs upside down. Like a wake flip and bake?

6. Volunteer Town Police Offences Bureau: Act little a junior cop that is trying to bust your friend for littering or jailwalking.

7. IRS is calling? Do you have all your receipts. Why did you claim 10k for a boob job?

8. Internet porn bill: Your credit card has bin charged and we seem to have the wrong billing address. Then give them your mother in laws address.

9. Car insurance denied. Your just not a good enough driver. Will need to put a student driver sign up and put a bumber sticker that says hows my driving on your car.

10. Modeling for a helmet company. Call about any random job that you found there resume for on Monster.

11. Idiot of the month telegram.

12. Your Fired. The friendly bubbly HR person calling to let you go.

13. STD clinic: your sex partner wants us to call on there behalf to handle there STD announcement

14. Love quiz: Hi this is Match dot com. We need to verify your account with this wacky quiz. Do you like sheep?

15. Sewage gone loose. I’m sorry to call you at work but the town sewer line broke and your basement is filled with well….sewage. And of course your insurance doesn’t cover poo emergencys.

16. Identity theft police.

17. Radio show: Local DJ calling to help you win 10k. Now answer these questions are you smarter then a 5th grader.

18. Neighbor calling, my tree landing on your house. Is it ok if I still collect the wood?

19. telemarking spoof. Why not be a telemarketer with TV infomercial products. Sweatty ball perfume or the pubic hair flowbee vacuum cleaner with the extra bonus suction cup for relaxing comfort.

20. Bank calling about all your funds in your 401k was removed.

Got any better ways to make a good prank call? Well stop on over to Spoof card to get your free mins to try out the product and enter to win $200 bucks and a year supply of prank spoof card calls. That’s 1k value in making all your prank phone call dreams come true!

We hope you enjoyed this Guide To The Best April Fools Day Prank Phone Calls


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Some great prank call ideas !!

You can find most of these prank ideas on this site

They have a secret live listen in phone service!

Have fun !

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