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April 08, 2008

The History Of April Fools Day

The History Of April Fools Day

It was all started with one kick me sign that was started in the 15 hundreds. The specifics is that its traced back to the 1500s under the reign of Charles IX and the change in the Gregorian Calendar.

But who remembers Charles? What people do remember is a good practical joke. So its said that the first april fools day joke was a kick me sign on the back of someone.

Sure its always great to have your friend get kicked in the butt. But when you want to make something a bit more permanent and lasting. Go with a sticker that can be put on a car. Its that thing that the wheel invented to make us all lazy and kill the o-zone.

But who wants to see a green piece sticker when you could put something really funny. Its worth checking out giant stickers that has some crazy concepts.


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